At BBHT Solutions, we are dedicated to delivering personalized M/TEXT templates that are specifically designed to meet the distinct requirements of our clients. M/TEXT, an exceptional software solution developed by Kühn & Weyh Software GmbH, holds significant prominence in the insurance and banking sectors, serving as a versatile tool for generating document templates, including contract documents. We take great pride in harnessing the capabilities of M/TEXT to create tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of insurance companies and banks.

With our team of proficient M/TEXT developers, we offer seamless communication with clients who prefer to converse in German, their native language. This linguistic fluency ensures clear and effective understanding of your needs. We are deeply committed to delivering exceptional services, harnessing the advanced features and capabilities of the M/TEXT software to meet and exceed your specific requirements.

M/TEXT is part of the M/ Series, a state-of-the-art Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution built on Java EE technology. Its modular architecture, comprehensive interface strategy, and adherence to proven IT standards allow for highly configurable solutions tailored to your needs. By optimizing efficiency and creating positive customer experiences, the M/ Series delivers tangible benefits to businesses.

The M/TEXT software integrates seamlessly with the M/OMS system for finalization and omnichannel output management, providing a complete CCM solution. It can be deployed on various Java EE application servers, such as Oracle Weblogic, JBoss AS, IBM WebSphere, Open Liberty, and WildFly. Additionally, it supports database systems like Oracle, MS SQL-Server, IBM DB/2, PostgreSQL, and SAP HANA.


At BBHT Solutions, our M/TEXT developers work collaboratively with your team to design and implement document templates within the M/TEXT Workbench. We prioritize quality, efficiency, and accuracy in our template creation process to ensure the final product meets your expectations.

By choosing BBHT Solutions for your M/TEXT template needs, you can rely on a team of skilled developers fluent in both German and English, dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Trust us to provide comprehensive M/TEXT solutions that enable you to optimize your communication management processes and enhance your customer experiences. Contact us today to learn more!

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