Unsere Kollegin im Bereich Geschäftsentwicklung, Raluca Andreia Dinica, freut sich, Ihnen eines unserer Projekte vorzustellen: die Entwicklung maßgeschneiderter M/TEXT Classic und M/TEXT Tonic Dokumentvorlagen für einen unserer Kunden im Gesundheitssektor. Dazu hat Raluca ein Video erstellt, das Ihnen einen umfassenden Einblick bietet. Klicken Sie jetzt, um mehr zu erfahren!


Our colleague in Business Development, Raluca Andreia Dinica, is pleased to introduce to you one of our projects: the development of customized M/TEXT Classic and M/TEXT Tonic document templates for one of our clients in the healthcare sector. To that end, Raluca has created a video that provides you with a comprehensive insight. Click now to learn more!




Raluca-Andreia Dinica
Author: Raluca-Andreia Dinica
Raluca is the Account Manager and Business Development Expert at BBHT Solutions. Her extensive experience in sales management and global enterprise collaboration helps Raluca in understanding client needs and delivering custom tailored solutions.

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