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Successful projects are not a given,
but rather the result of a shared understanding,
trusting collaboration, and the motivation of
each individual.

This is one of those successes.

Agile test management for digital insurance start-up andsafe from Provinzial NordWest - from 0 to 100 in 8 weeks


Is it feasible to establish a digital commercial insurance company as a start-up within a timeframe of less than 7 months from inception? As a self-reliant risk carrier, can it operate through five distinct distribution channels? Is it achievable to create a completely new application infrastructure in the cloud during this time? Moreover, is it possible to develop the testing management for this application infrastructure, including test execution, within just 8 weeks?

 The answer is YES! It is possible to launch a digital commercial insurance start-up within a timeframe of less than 7 months, and it has been successfully accomplished in Münster, Germany, with BBHT and BBHT Solutions being two of the contributors. The andsafe platform is the digital commercial insurer developed by the Provinzial NordWest Group, which overcame these challenges and received the prestigious Diamond Star Award 2020 for its outstanding performance as the "Best Digital Insurance Platform".


Christian Brandt
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Dr. Christian Brandt - General Authorized Representative

BBHT has built a highly professional, modern, efficient, and well-suited test management system in a short amount of time. This allowed us to focus on development and rely on the fact that the software quality is accurate!

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andsafe is a cloud-based digital commercial insurer. As a 100% subsidiary of Provinzial NordWest, andsafe offers liability and property insurance through five different distribution channels. The product portfolio is continuously expanding. The goal is to reach the target group of small and medium-sized businesses with a fast time-to-market and excellent value for money.

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We at BBHT Solutions are proud to have contributed significantly to the success story of @andsafe through our strong partnership. Thanks to our close collaboration, we were able to drive the project forward quickly and efficiently. We successfully developed test cases and executed them on a regular basis, working closely with our on-site customer consultants throughout the entire integration test.

Christian Treptau
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Christian Treptau - Managing Partner

Thanks to our many years of experience in quality management, we were able to ensure that every step was executed flawlessly within the tight schedule, allowing us to provide optimal support to andsafe for this exciting project.

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  The Positive Outcome for Our Clients

  • The establishment of professional, standardized methods, as well as individually tailored processes based on the customer's agile methods, enabled short-term and sustainable success. 
  • The use of modern testing tools allowed for seamless, tamper-proof test documentation and progress monitoring.
  • A central test management team and on-site consulting, combined with a nearshore team in Cluj, ensured high-quality, quickly scalable, and economically attractive testing execution.
  • An optimal mix of test automation and manual testing enabled continuous delivery processes.



  • 600 test cases
  • 400 bundled test executions
  • 1600 defects
  • 25 automated test suites
  • 2 test managers
  • 4 nearshore testers



  • Jira for issue management
  • Xray for Jira for test cases, test planning, and test documentation
  • Cucumber and Gherkin for structuring test cases in business language
  • Ruby for automated test execution

Agile Test Management - The Path to Success




The project was initiated in October 2018 with the aim of building a comprehensive application landscape from the ground up, and it began with the meticulous selection of standard software components. After careful evaluation, the adesso in|sure Suite was chosen to manage crucial core processes, including contracts, performance, partners, and products. One of the project's key strengths was its decision to entirely forgo traditional data center operations, instead opting for cloud-based services provided by Amazon. To further enhance its capabilities, the team also developed cutting-edge technologies for concluding processes, customer and agent portals, claims management, and BiPro connections to distribution partners.


Striving Towards Becoming A Success

May 2019 marked a major milestone for andsafe when the company's first product, liability insurance, was launched on its own website. Within a few months, andsafe's reach expanded exponentially as four additional distribution channels were integrated, including prominent players such as Finanzchef24/Verivox, thinksurance, the exclusive organization of Provinzial, and the Sparkassen. In September, the launch of a second product, liability insurance for financial losses, further cemented andsafe's position as a formidable player in the insurance industry.

The impressive success achieved by andsafe in such a short period of time can be attributed to a combination of cutting-edge technology, agile methodologies, an exceptional team, and strong partnerships. This approach enabled andsafe to rapidly launch its digital commercial insurance platform and quickly establish a significant presence in the market.


Test Management and Execution

BBHT was responsible for the entire test management, execution, and environment setup while carefully selecting the appropriate testing tools. The team's primary objective was to keep pace with the rapid development and provide a clear, transparent statement on the overall system quality in a dynamic environment.

To achieve this, the team opted for Xray for Jira, which was seamlessly integrated into the existing processes by working closely with the Scrum teams. The deliberate modification of the Scrum methodology through the centralization of the testing team significantly contributed to the development teams' efficiency and variability while ensuring comprehensive test coverage.

BBHT's meticulous efforts ensured that the testing process was well-coordinated, keeping pace with the rapid development and providing confidence in the system's overall quality. This approach was a significant success factor and was instrumental in the project's overall success.


Partnerships: A Critical Component of Success

Our partnership with BBHT Solutions enabled us to rapidly establish a testing team in Romania that collaborated with our on-site consultants to efficiently handle the entire integration test within a remarkably short time frame. This collaborative effort led to the achievement of a test status within 8 weeks after commissioning BBHT, which was essential for a successful go-live in production.As the project progressed, we focused on automating the testing process and quickly achieved significant progress through innovative methods and open-source-based frameworks. Our use of Cucumber bridged the gap between the business and development teams, allowing for test cases to be described in a business-readable language (Gherkin) and executed directly from Xray for Jira using Ruby patterns for automation. These automation efforts were instrumental in reducing manual test efforts and shortening test cycles, which were essential factors in enabling true continuous delivery processes to be implemented.



A Successful Completion

We are proud to have made a significant contribution to this unique project and we thank andsafe for the intensive and successful collaboration.

Project Manager of the andsafe Success Story


Christian Treptau

As Managing Partner, Christian Treptau takes on project management for various customer projects at BBHT and BBHT Solutions. His 

extensive experience as a project manager and software architect is marked by a strong emphasis on project management and process optimization in complex environments. As a key member of the andsafe project team, he played a crucial role in planning, cost management, personnel management, and risk management. Additionally, he facilitated communication between the various partners and customers involved in the project.

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Publication in the German Testing Magazine

From November 27th 2020, our success story with andsafe AG ​​can also be found in the German Testing Magazine. The magazine is published twice a year and the current issue publishes articles on the subject of "Lean Quality Management". We are very happy about the publication of our success story in the magazine and we thank you for the pleasant and successful cooperation.

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