Our mission is to deliver innovative services in both software development and quality assurance, establishing a company renowned for its excellence in these practices across various technologies and domains. We are committed to serving the German and Dutch markets, ensuring the highest standards of quality and innovation in all our offerings.

About BBHT SolutionsOur objective is to deliver cutting-edge services through the establishment of a distinguished enterprise that exemplifies top-notch quality assurance methodologies across various technologies and sectors for the German and Dutch markets.Established in January 2019, BBHT Solutions S.R.L. was founded with a primary emphasis on IT quality management and quality assurance, later expanding its offerings to include software development. The company is spearheaded by three experienced managing directors, Andrea-Krisztina Kelemen, Andreas Heuer, and Christian Treptau, who collectively possess over 50 years of expertise in diverse IT projects.

“Recognizing that quality assurance has become an increasingly vital aspect for competitive businesses, we understand the necessity to maintain elevated and consistent quality levels at reduced costs within a continuously evolving landscape characterized by limited resources and shortened timeframes. BBHT Solutions strives to assist companies in identifying the optimal solutions to these challenges. Focusing on quality management, software testing, and software development, our company aims to augment our clients' software development processes and strengthen their ability to create exceptional software utilizing our skills, knowledge, and resources. In partnership with BBHT Beratungsgesellschaft and OVSoftware, based in Germany and the Netherlands respectively, we provide an extensive array of services encompassing software development, quality management, and quality assurance.”

“Our team members are driven and aware of the importance of each stage within the software process cycle. We embrace responsibility and proactively pursue the highest quality for our clients' products. Key factors contributing to our success include distributed teams, transparent and impartial communication, and a strong emphasis on quality awareness.




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Banking, Insurance, Public Administration


We chose to set up our headquarters of BBHT Solutions S.R.L. in Cluj-Napoca. As an upcoming European technology hub, the Romanian city meets our criteria for a successful work environment. Well-equipped offices, central location, current technologies and good infrastructure are just a few of our criteria.

With our office on Clinicilor street, we combine the quiet of a side road with quick access to the center of Cluj-Napoca. Our office is close to the Central Park, and the main locations and buildings in Cluj-Napoca, offering a great view of the surroundings. For lunch and after-work activities Cluj-Napoca offers a variety of restaurants, cafés and bars, as well as an active cultural scene.



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